Tuesday, June 9 all students have gone to the 2nd Maritime Museum in Barcelona. We left the school at 9.00 pm when we got there we were divided, for example 1 to 4 a workshop from 5 to 8 and another case. My group has played with a monitor that has explained the colon trips, their sailing, boats and taught us a world map were drawn on the route of colon. At 1100 we left an hour of free time alla.Quan to be reached by 1200 and come back vem vem go to the planetarium. Alla us explaining about the stars
the sun and other things. After explanation the teacher asked three volunteers and was an enigma that it was they were lost in a sea and that only had a mobile and were able to survive. Resolved by knowing the latitude, longitude and distance from the end sol.En again vem de St Andreu Llavaneres.

The first pictures are the 3 pillars, the second map and travel the third colon of the ships the Santa Maria, Niña and Pinta.

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